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Honesty and integrity at work are the main characteristics of AgroDayan. You are experiencing a new culture of agriculture, one that is based on global practices and aligned with the logic and principles of agriculture. At Dayan, you receive a dedicated Nutrition Plan, have the opportunity to communicate with specialized experts, undergo training, and receive support and advice during execution. We are here for you .

To get better...
To get better...


Special Services

Listen to agriculture podcasts on RadioDayan, as you can gain valuable insights. Feel free to ask your questions and receive answers. Moreover, you can explore a variety of dedicated training videos, articles, and other resources to enhance your knowledge.

دکتر آرمین اسکوئیان

It is a place for direct contact between experts and farmers. Depending on your needs, choose the relevant expert and contact them. Consult and benefit from a dedicated nutrition plan with expert advice.