Medicinal Plants

Increasing the quality of medicinal plants production with Agrodayan services…

The cultivation of medicinal plants, as an ancient and valuable industry, holds great importance in various societies. The cultivation of these plants is undertaken for multiple reasons, including their medicinal properties, utilization in traditional and complementary medicine, high economic value, and contribution to biodiversity conservation.

The cultivation of medicinal plants is of significant economic importance. The herbal products market is vast, with a consistent demand for these goods. This industry creates numerous job opportunities, fostering regional economic growth. Furthermore, cultivating medicinal plants can contribute to sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity.​

Given the significance of the matter, Dayan’s knowledge-based company has embarked on cultivating a substantial agricultural land area in collaboration with expert professionals and accomplished farmers. Leveraging their extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge, the company has undertaken this endeavor.

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