About AgroDayan

KHOSHEH PARVARAN ZISTFANAVAR, is a research based agri-biotech manufacturing company based in Mashhad, Iran. The Company is focused on bio solutions for crops and soils. KHOSHEH PARVARAN ZISTFANAVAR manufactures Bio-fertilizers, Bio-stimulants, Gel-based chemical fertilizers and other Agri inputs. Our R&D team consisted of 4 full time PhD researchers with over 15 years of experience in plant nutrition and physiology, agro-biotechnology, nano-biotechnology and promotion of crop health and yield through eco-friendly approaches. Our team had over 50 international peer reviewed publications and over 30 conference and technical publications. We also have Patents on our technologies and products.

Farmers Demand for recent developments, technologies, information and innovative products in agriculture is increasing, and our company with the help of its exclusive research and education network attempt to equip the farmers with the knowledge needed to succeed and experience the high-performance and sustainable agriculture.